Corn Exchange

Corn Exchange 1993A beautifully proportioned hall built on the site of the Green Dragon Coaching Inn. It opened in 1863 as a farmers’ dealing centre for sale of local produce and so that some of the transactions in the Corn Market could take place under cover. It is now used as a cinema and for various public functions. In 1997 a licence was granted to enable marriages to be performed there.

Cornmarket C1920sEarly 1920s. The Corn Exchange has finished as a farmers’ dealing centre and is now Faringdon’s first cinema. The gallery still held the store of rat-infested grain sacks.

Cornmarket 19531953. The Corn Exchange is now being fully used as a public hall for dances, dinners and meetings. Bridge Turf Accountants was run by Mr F. Bowerman from an office at the front. The plaque commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1952.