Church Street

Faringdon Streets ChurchAll Saints Church PortwellChurch Street officially starts at the church and ends at the turning for Coach Lane. Street maps show it starting from the centre of town and heading towards the church (photo) as you would expect but that section has officially become a part of The Market Place. However, it is still sometimes referred to as Church Street or even Portwell, because it is on the Port (public) side of Faringdon and there is a well in the middle of the street.

See Faringdon Streets for an indexed list of all streets in Faringdon.

Views of Church Street in the 18/1900s

Starting at the corner with Coach Lane, heading south-west towards the church:

Church St Fire Engine Shed 1985
1985. The old Faringdon Fire Engine house at the end of Church Street just past Coach Lane.
Church Street 34 30 1982
1982. Church Street #34-30. Coach Lane turns off to the right opposite the old fire engine shed. The building on the corner is Bleak House, once a cheese warehouse.
Church Street 34 22 1982
1982. Church Street #34-22 looking south from just down the hill on the Radcot Road. Bleak House is the last house on the left.
Church Street 20 14 1982
1982. Church Street #20-14 looking towards town, taken from the corner with Radcot Road. The corner of the converted old stables #3 is just in the photo on the right.
Church Street 1 3 1982
1982. #1-3 On the opposite side of the road, looking towards town on the the corner with Radcot Road (on right). Converted servants accommodation, the archway was a carriage entrance to the original Faringdon House.
Church Street 20 14 1987
1987. Church Street #20-14 again, this time taken from in front of the church and looking away from town. On the right is All Saints Service Station before it was demolished.
Church Street Garage 1980s
1987. All Saints Service Station on the corner with Swan Lane before it was demolished.
Church Street Eastfield Court C1988
1988. The building of Eastfield Court (sheltered housing) on the site of the demolished All Saints Service Station on the corner with Swan Lane (off photo right).
Church St Vivarage 1978
1978. The old vicarage on the opposite corner of Swan Lane before it was renovated. Salutation Hotel is next on right.
Church Street Aerial
Aerial photo taken from over the church showing the Salutation Hotel and Church Street continuing into the Market Place.

Views of the area in front of All Saints Church 1890-1910:

Church Street East C1910Cattle Market2 1904Church Street Salutation C1898Church Street Salutation C1900s