Fighting Fires

Church St Fire Engine Shed 1985Faringdon Market Hall 1913 1The town’s first fire fighting appliance, the parish pump as it was called, was originally housed in a garage at the end of Church Street. The garage is marked on a map surveyed in 1876; it was still there for this photo in 1985 and is still there now in 2020. In 1903 the appliance was kept under the Market Hall (2nd photo) with Captain Haworth as superintendent and 12 men. A ladder and a net were added to the left side of the building for the firemen to practice getting down from a burning building. Soon after, around 1919, it all moved to a site in Bromsgrove, now demolished to create Hart Avenue. So in 1943, it all moved again to Marlborough House on the corner of Marlborough Street and Bromsgrove – now Faringdon Motorist Centre. In 1961 the current and purpose built Fire Station in Station Road was opened.

Fire Engine 1904
1904. In field accessed from London Street next to Bull Public House. Dove Court now built on this site. Building at rear is the back of the Police Station in Coach Lane.
Fire Engine 1937
1937. In Bromsgrove.  A Morris Commercial Pumping Appliance and a Morris Commercial Personnel Carrier (the latter purchased by the fireman themselves)
Fire Engine C1940
c1940-45. The style of helmet they are wearing suggests that this was probably taken during World War II.
Fire Coleshill House 1952
1952. Fire at Coleshill House on 23rd September. The house had been the war time home of Churchill’s Auxiliary Unit. 15 fire appliances attended from 5 brigades.
Fire Engine 1954
1954. Faringdon firemen in Bromsgrove. Sid Taylor; Bill Stanton; Fred Kirby; Jim Sheppard; Bernie Stepp; Bill Goodenough; Herbie Page; Jim Turner; Harold Chapman
Fire Engine 1966
1966. Faringdon Fire Fighters: Sub Officer Boas Simpson; Leading Officer George Cornwell; Jack Fox; Desmond Ball; Maurice Woolford; Bernard Stepp.
Fire Barn Longcot 1966
1966. Faringdon Firemen attending fire at John Luker’s barn at Longcot.

2020. Recent photo of the new Faringdon Fire Station on Station Road, which was opened in 1961. Following that are photos of appliances and crews over the years 1980, 1992, 2002, 2003 & 2014 – Notice that by 1992 both men and women fire fighters are appearing in the photos.

Fire Station 2020Fire Service 1980Fire Service 1992Fire Service 2002Fire Service 2003Fire Service 2014