Railway at Faringdon

Faringdon Station 1919On 1 June 1864, Faringdon found itself with a railway station at the end of a branch line off the main London to Bristol route of the Great Western Railway (GWR). Within 5 years, between 150 and 180 churns of milk a week left the station to join the main line at Uffington. From the time of the closure of the Faringdon spur to passenger traffic in the 1950s until the final closure of all traffic in 1963, Faringdon was used as a central distribution point for goods for the area – Wantage, Lambourne, Lechlade, Cirencester, Fairford, etc. The goods were brought to Faringdon Station by train and then distributed by lorry.

The waiting room, on the left, became occupied by Russel Spinage (builders & decorators), then in the 1990s as part of Scats farmers’ wholesale store and now it is The Old Station Nursery for pre-school children

Faringdon Station Staff 1930s1930s. Some of the staff who worked at the Faringdon Railway Station were: Station Masters: Edward Durbin; Ivor Norton; Jack Hale, who was the last one. Engine Drivers: Fred Carter; Harry Rawlings. Firemen: Fred Cope; Wally West. Engine Cleaner: Bryn Thomas. Booking Clerk: W. E. Major. Chief Porter: Jack Bowerman. Ivan Norton is on a chair second from right.

Faringdon Goods Train 1950s
1950s. The Faringdon Goods Train at Knighton running on the ‘up’ line to Uffington. It had two coal trucks, one box van with general goods, two petrol tanks and a guard’s van
Knighton Crossing 1952
1952. Knighton Crossing. The Cheltenham Flyer passing a goods train being held up in the loop.
Knighton Crossing Signal Box 1952
1952. Nelson Edwards in the Knighton Crossing signal box.
Faringdon Railway 1953
1953. A goods train passing Folly Hill on its way from Faringdon Station to the junction at Uffington.