Faringdon Shops & Businesses

London Street Down Left2The following pages attempt to record the history of occupation of the local shops and businesses in the older parts of Faringdon:


Coxwell Street

Gloucester Street

London Street

Market Place

Marlborough Street

Southampton Street

An excellent document compiled by this society in 2005 and well worth reading is Faringdon History Walk.

Explanations and Acknowledgements:

1. The photographs shown are from a millennium project called fotoFARINGDON2000. Twenty three amateur photographers volunteered to undertake the massive task of photographing every building in Faringdon and as many of the residents as wished to take part. This unique collection of photographs was made into a virtual tour of the town, and recorded on a CD *. Copies of the CD are lodged in the Oxfordshire County Record Office, the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies, the Town Library, and the Faringdon Tourist Office so that future generations of local, family and social historians will be able to access a digital record of Faringdon as it appeared in the year 2000.

  • * Unfortunately, compact disks have proved to be unreliable media for the long term storage of data. My copy is full of errors and with today’s browsers no longer works as it once did when it was last used nearly 20 years ago; so I thought it would be a good idea to retrieve what photograph files I can and use them on this project. I have now managed to retrieved all the files and updated the background code in order to publish this complete project (3,161 pages) online – fotoFARINGDON2000

2. Each photo has a street number to match that shown on the map at the top of each page. The text under each photograph shows what businesses there once were at each address, the furthest time ago listed first. The year, where added is intended as a rough guide. It is the earliest year for which there is independent evidence available and may, but not necessarily be, the first year of that occupation.

The text under each photograph was obtained initially from lists entitled Faringdon past_businesses_july2014.xlsx, created by Gene Webb of www.faringdon.org in 2014 from the memories of 3 Faringdon residents, which she says may not be entirely complete or accurate. Updated on www.faringdon.org/past-shops-various-streets.html

3. Some further occupancies and dates were obtained from advertisements placed in the programmes produced by Faringdon Dramatic Society since 1949 and various shops have been used for their ticket sales. I have collected programmes from many people over the years and made them available from the website archives on www.faringdondramatic.org.uk.

The following were advertised as Faringdon without any address:

The Red Squirrel (gifts) 1970
Abba Double Glazing Co Ltd 1978
Jobee Boutique Ladies Fashions 1978

4. The following 3 books produced by members of FDAHS were used to provide information mainly over the period 1880-1950: “The Changing Faces of Faringdon and Surrounding Villages” by Rosemary Church, Jim Brown, Millie Bryan and Beryl Newman. Robert Boyd Publications.

Researched by Ian Lee, aided by the above, April 2019