Shops & Businesses in Coxwell Street

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Coxwell Street MapA historical record of shops and other businesses in Coxwell Street. There were once 7 shops and 4 public houses on this short street; now only 2 shops remain and no pubs.

The photographs below were taken in the year 2000 by a group of local residents *. Beneath each on is a simple historical list of known occupants up to 2020 and the rough dates they were last known to be at the property. The number given for each property corresponds as accurately as possible to the postal address and is shown on the above map. There is also a Coxwell Street Views‘ page that contains general information about the street and may contain further details on the premises shown in the photographs.

Coxwell Street – odd numbers – heading south-west from the roundabout :

Coxwell Street#03
#3. Butcher; Vogue Hair Fashions 1964; Ann Marie (hair salon) 1972; Le Salon 1994; Get a Grip 2000; Party Magic; Brides shop 2014; Two Wheels Better (cycle shop) 2018
Nichol Court#7 9
Nichol Court #7,8,9. Was entrance to buildings and yard belonging to Ballard & Sons (blacksmith and wheelwright) 1895; Frank Lane; D.W. Lansdown; Quarry Engineering (demolition & plant hire) 1972; car repairs 1980s; Now private houses 1991.
Coxwell Street#07
#7 Coxwell Street. Ballards Cottage. Private house.
Nichol Court#10
Nichol Court #10, other side of Ballards Cottage, the building was part of Ballard & Sons and subsequent owners, now converted to two private houses.
Nichol Court#11
Nichol Court #11 is the second house in the building that was part of Ballard & Sons. What was a second yard entrance is just visible on the right, now Nichol Court.
Nichol Court#1
Nichol Court #1, was part of Ballard & Sons and subsequent owners, now a new private house. #2 entrance on left. #3-6 are in the old yard behind.
Coxwell Street#13
#13 Coxwell Street. Farmer (grocers & sweets shop); Filkins House, a private house.
Coxwell Street#19
#19. Private cottages; 1st Primitive Methodist Chapel built 1851; Church of England Mission Hall 1897; Hammonds; Burtwell & Drew (electrical equipment) 1947-88; Private House (shop front removed) 2014

Coxwell Street – even numbers – heading back north-east towards the roundabout:

Coxwell Street#56
#56. The Eagle (pub); Private House
Coxwell Street#40
#40. The Queens Arms (pub); Pink Elephant (pub); The Riddle (pub); Pianoforte 2000; Private House 2014
Coxwell Street#30
#30. Rogers (sweets); Private House
Coxwell Street#16
#16. Westsports of Faringdon 1966; Pianoforte 1995; Private House 2014
Coxwell Street#14
#14.Crowe (sweets); Needlers (sweetshop); Azad Tandoori & Balti Restaurant 1995; Saffron Indian Restaurant 2014; Royal Spice Indian Takeaway 2018
Coxwell Street#12
#12. Private House
Coxwell Street#10a
#10. The Gardeners Arms 1953; Nichols (sweets); now two private houses 10a/b
Coxwell Street#08
#8. The Carpenters Arms? now a private house
Coxwell Street#02
#6 Methodist Church #4. Duke of York pub –  demolished (after 1950). Now the United Reform Church.

* See Faringdon Shops & Businesses – Introduction for explanations and acknowledgements.

Older Views on Coxwell Street

Coxwell Street 3 1994Coxwell Street#03Coxwell Street 3 7 2018

1994. ‘Le Salon’ at #3 Coxwell Street was originally a butcher shop and has changed many times since – various hair salons, a party shop, a bride shop, and now since about 2018 a bike shop.

Coxwell Street 16 10 19951995. On the opposite side of the street just past the church is what used to be the Gardeners Arms at #10 . It closed before the 1980s and is now two private houses. Further up the street is an Indian restaurant and a piano shop where a sports shop used to be.

Burtwell & Drew at No.19 from 1947-1988. Originally the building belonged to the First Primitive Methodist Church then the Church of England Mission Hall. In 1947, Burtwell & Drew took over and turned it into a shop selling electrical goods. The building was set back from its neighbours so in about 1958 a new shop front was added. The business closed in 1988 and the building was converted into a private house (fifth photo 1995). The front extension was later removed and replaced with a front porch and garden (last photo 2018).

Burtwell Drew Electrical 1 C1958Burtwell Drew Electrical 2 C1958Burtwell Drew Electrical 4 C1958Burtwell Drew Electrical 3 C1958Coxwell Street 19 1995Coxwell Street 17 19 2020