Shops & Businesses in London Street (1)

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London Street Map

A historical record of shops and other businesses in London Street. Shops and other businesses have flourished here for many generations and premises have changed ownership many times. Some have closed down permanently at some time and have subsequently been converted into private houses, especially those furthest from the town centre.

The photographs below were taken in the year 2000 by a group of local residents *. Beneath each on is a simple historical list of known occupants up to 2020 and the rough dates they were last known to be at the property. The number given for each property corresponds as accurately as possible to the postal address and is shown on the above map. Photographic evidence and further details for some of these premises can be found on the ‘Shops & Businesses in London Street (2)‘ page. There is also a ‘London Street Views‘ page that contains general information about the street and may contain further details on the premises shown in the photographs.

London Street – odd numbers – west to east from the Market Place:

London Street#01
#1. Private house (door – last opening on right)
London Street#03
#3. T.Yates & Sons (cycles) 1930; Rigdens; Rogers; Geary (cycles); Huxley’s of Faringdon (toys, cycles, sports) 1949-c1970s; Star Electric Co – F.T. Morton (toys, cycles, electrical repairs) 1966; Davis (toyshop and bikes); #3a. Allen & Harris (estate agents) 1978; Cariad Wedding Shop 2014; Faringdon Pharmacy 2016
London Street#03b
#3b. Travel agents; Curtains Plus 1996; Embers Interiors; Cariad Bride; County Cleaners 2012; Mrs Jacksons 2014; @Keelys Nails & Beauty 2018
London Street#05
#5. The Wheatsheaf (public house)
London Street#07
#7. Mc Donalds; Baxters (butchers) c1970; Boffin & Gill (butchers) 1977-c95+; Rainbow Fish and Chips 2000
London Street#09
#9. Geary’s (bicycles & motor parts) c1970; Sheffords Bakery 1985
London Street#11
#11. Jamieson (taylors) 1930; Southern Electricity Board Showroom 1970-c95+; South Bar (insurance) 1985; Phoenix Electrical 2000; Bloomfields Gift Shop 2002; Mandy’s pet supplies; Too Many Cooks 2012; Hare in the Woods 2012; Metropolis 2nd-hand shop 2017; Oxyplumb 2018
London Street#13 15
#13-15. Thomas furniture; Comley’s (house furnishings) 1930; E.J Moynes (ironmongers) 1930; Split #13.David Pitt’s Mini Market + #15 Evening Advertiser & Wilts Gazette 1942-72; Anne’s Fashion Fabrics 1978; S.G. Bowler (Builders) Ltd 1978; Davis DIY 1987-2010; Piano Gallery 2017
London Street#17
#17. S.G. Bowler (Builders) Ltd 1972; SCOPE (charity shop) 2000; otherwise part of #13-15. There is also a shop window to left of door.
London Street#19
Crossing over Swan Lane. #19. The Swan (public house); Marlborough Arms; Viceroy Indian Restaurant 1980s
London Street#21
#21. Jefferies (hairdresser); I.V. Obourn (shoes & ladies’ hairdresser) 1930-60s; Picture Gallery; Private House 2000
London Street#23
#23. Private House
London Street#25
#25. Private House
London Street#27
#27. Bull Inn; Private House 2000
London Street#29
#29. Giles (fish & chips); Private House (#31-37 may be through that passage way)
London Street#39
#39. Private House
London Street#41 43
#41-43. Fletcher (baker); Private House
London Street#59
#59. Pike (sweet shop); Private House
London Street#77
Crossing over Coach Lane. #77. Williams (grocers) 1844; Eastoe (grocers) 1900; Greenwood (grocers) 1926; Bedford (grocers) 1929; Blissett (grocers) 1946; Private House 1971.
London Street#79
Hill Side, #79.Old English Furniture c1972-79; Private house.
London Street#87
Chester House, #87. Female School of Industry 1833; Church of England Girls School;  private house 1971.

London Street – even numbers – east to west back towards the Market Place

Sudbury House 2011
Sudbury House Hotel & Conference Centre, #56 London Street. Formerly the home of Dr. Bowles.
Folly Inn 2012
#54 The Folly Inn. An early C19 listed building.
London Street#34
#34. Brushwood Antiques; Private House 2000
London Street#30 32
#32. Private House. #30. Star Inn; La Chaise Antiques c1972-2000; now Private House
London Street#28
#28. Miss Yeates shop; Rendezvous Café; Ming’s Garden 1972; Mayflower (Chinese take-away)
London Street#28a
#28a. London Central Butcher; Ron Young (barber) 1972; London Street Barbers 2000; Faringdon Pharmacy 2014; Serenity (hair salon) 2018
London Street#26
#26. Private House
London Street#24
#24. On the corner with Skinners Lane. H.J.Langham (fruiterer & greengrocer) 1909; Allnatt (sweet shop/general stores); Barkers (newsagents) 1984; Private House 2014
London Street#22
#22. Private House
London Street#20
#20. Hignell (sweets, toys, ice cream); Seabournes (sweets); Copperfelde Antiques; Private House 2014
London Street#18-16
#18-16. Langham (greengrocers); Aston Pine Antiques 2000. #18. My Carer Services 2014. #16 Private House 2014
London Street#12 14
#14-12. Hughes (newsagents) 1910; Sam Burge (saddlers) 1910; Quality Cleaners; The Pet Shop 2000. #14. (gift shop) no name??? 2018. #12. J.Godfrey & Son Funeral Services 2018
London Street#10
#10. Chamberlain & Sons (high-class grocers) 1910; Frontage moved back 1938; Gilletts Co-op 1970’s; Fergusons (wine); Peter Dominic (off licence) 1985; Threshers Wine Shop 2000; The iCafe 2013; Kwiksave 2014; Faringdon Furnishings 2018
London Street#08
#8. Anns (ironmongers & gun repairers) 1824; Booker Clerk; The New Valet Service (cleaners) 1970; Pure Me 2011; Uptown fashions 2013; Segais Hairdresser 2014; Gluck Gifts & Homeware 2015; Cobwebs Gothic Furniture 2016; J.Priest & Son 2019.
London Street#06a
#6. Anns (ironmongers & gun repairers) 1824; Moynes (ironmongers) 1972-87; #6a. Candies (stationary & confectionery) 1996; Segais Hairdresser 2014; Michelle Uzzell 2018
London Street#06
#6. T.P.Thomas (ironmongers); Shenton’s (sweets) 1940-60s; Moynes (ironmongers) 1978-87; #6b? The Pet Shop 1996; Presentations (gifts) 1999; The Gifted Magpie 2014-19. Vacant.
London Street#4b
#4b. Part of Lukers (newsagents); Faringdon Lifestyle & Mobility; Sandwich Phillers & Diner 2018
London Street#4a
#4a. Creese & Co (drapers) 1895; Luker (newsagent, printer & Faringdon Advertiser producer) until 1930’s; W H Smith (newsagents) c1970; F.B.Wood (newsagents) 1972-87; Faringdon Lifestyle and Mobility + County Cleaners 1996; Davis DIY 2014; London Street Barbers 2017
London Street#02
#2. Obourne (shoes); J & L. Sims (shoes) 1966-1972+; Baileys (shoes); John Maxwell Hairdresser 1987; Stylers (hairdresser) 2016; Lotus Retreat (massage) 2017

* See Faringdon Shops & Businesses – Introduction for explanations and acknowledgements.

The following were advertising as London Street, Faringdon in the year stated but without a street number:

A.L. Woodward (boot sales & repair) 1949
J.E. Sharland (green grocers) 1949
Frank Thair (shoes) 1952
Ibson Superstore 1973