Shops & Businesses in the Market Place (2)

Market Place MapMore photographs and information about the shops and other businesses in Faringdon Market Place. The photographs of premises shown here have been scanned in from the original photographs given to the Society over the years and stored in the Society’s archives. The numbers given for each property mentioned correspond as accurately as possible to the postal addresses and are shown on the adjacent map.

An occupational history of each premises, as far as is known, can be found on the ‘Shops & Businesses in the Market Place (1)‘ page. There is also a ‘Market Place Street Views‘ page that contains general information about the Market Place and may contain further details on the premises shown in the photographs, and a page specifically about ‘Faringdon Market‘.

Faringdon Market Place in the 1900s

Market Place 3 4 C1970
#3 c1970 Pat Thomas, butcher. #4 A. E. Lismore, hardware
Market Place 3 4 1990s
#3 1990s Pat Thomas, butcher. #4 Breath of Spring, florist; whole foods.
Market Place 6 C1970
#6 c1970 Olivia Palmer (hairdresser) + The Buttery (cafe)
Market Place 6 1983
#6 1983 Sinclair’s Restaurant
Market Place 6 2001
#6 2001 Market Restaurant
Market Place 7 C1970
#7 c1970 C.S.Liddiard, qrocer 1880’s-c1970
Market Place 6 8 2001
#6 2001 Market Restaurant. #7 Tourist Information Centre 2000-2005. #8 Lloyds Bank 1897-2018
Faringdon Market Place 9 1962
#9 1962. Faringdon Market Place. Duringers Confectionery next to what was Lloyds Bank. Now Marriotts Chartered Surveyors.
Market Place 9 10 C1990s
#9 c1990s Pilgrim Bond, estate agent. #10 Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, on the corner of London Street.
Market Place 11 12 C1992
#11 c1992 Across the road at the bottom of London Street was Faringdon Travel, #12 Gingers Videos, then the Bell Hotel.




Market Place#18 1912Market Place 16 1970s1912 & 1970s#16. The Anns family had been, since at least 1824, ironmongers, gun retailers and repairers in London Street. At the arrival of the car they set up a garage at #16 Market Place. Following this they bought Mr Newman’s blacksmiths shop #22 across the road. Left to right Harry Robins, head mechanic; Edgar Argent, apprentice.

Between 1950s-1970s the shop was split into two, with Langham’s (greengrocers) on the left and Hobbs & Chambers (estate agents) to the right.


Market Place#18 1920Market Place 18 C1960sMarket Place 18 C1970s

c1920, 1960s & 1970s#18 Mr Harry Abel outside his watchmaker and jewellery shop. Abel Bros had owned a shop in the Market Place from at least 1877. It was taken over by Leverton & Sons who also had a radio & TV shop up the road in the Cornmarket. During the 1970s it became Deacon & Sons. It remained a jewellers’ shop throughout and the frontage has remained largely unchanged until its closure in 2018. It has now been vacant for some time.

Market Place C1950sMarket Place 19 C1970sPossibly 1940-70s. The original frontage of #19 Market Place, which was originally part of Eagle Brewery and at this time Ferguson’s Wine & Spirit Merchants. On the left is #18, which was Leverton’s Jewellers at this time.

Market Place 17 19 C1970sc1970s#17 Ballard & Co (chemists) 1949-70s., now Boots. #18 Deacon & Sons. Note that the rather old #19 shown above has now been renovated and taken over by ‘Togs & Toys’. By 2000 it was split into two smaller shops – ‘Mustard Seed’ and ‘Rob the Cheese’.

Market Place 21 1940s1940’s. Across the junction with Marlborough Street. #21 The International Stores in the Narrows after moving from #4 Corn Market.

Faringdon Market Place 22 23 C1908c1908 – On the left is #22, dated 1645, then run by Joseph Newman, blacksmith, who had been here from at least 1877. His forge was at the rear of the house and horses had to be taken through the passageway on the right. This premises was demolished and rebuilt as a garage by the Anns family in 1910. On the right is #23 Taylor’s, a greengrocer’s, and a member of the fishmonger and butcher family. The large board, by the window, is covered in photographs taken by Mr E. Haworth of Gloucester Street, Faringdon’s leading photographer. The door on the right has a harness maker’s sign over it.

Market Place#23 1930Market Place 23 C2000Market Place 24 C1970Early 1930s, #23 now taken over by R.A. Robey, who sold vegetables and dairy produce. The shop was taken over by Jane’s Pantry during WWII and stayed until the 1960s. It is now a restaurant. Next door, #24 with the awning was built in the 1600’s. Right photo c1970 – Burgess (saddler). Middle photo c2000 – S&JM Cooper (Sadler) until 2003. It has now been The Sadlers (coffee shop) since around 2014.