Excavation of Red House Hill 1998/99

The fields to the right of Red House Hill on the Coxwell Road were due for redevelopment as the Coleshill Drive (Badgers Walk) housing estate in 1998-99.

Saunders Field View
1998. Looking into the first field before it was dug up.
Saunders Field 1st Excavation
1998. First excavation on the field after the top-soil had been removed by the developers.
Red House Hill Dig 2000
1998. Roman site found on left.
Red House Hill Dig2 2000
Iron Age storage pits and post holes.
Saunders Field Dig
Looking down the first excavation.
Saunders Field Dig2
Side of the pit. The dark marks are root or worm holes.
Saunders Field Quern Stone
Quern stone, a tool for hand-grinding cereals into flour, first used in the Neolithic era. Used in pairs, the upper stone had a wooden handle and a hole in the centre for feeding in the grain.
Badgers Walk 1999
1999. Badgers Walk. Entrance to second site off Coxwell Road.
Red House Hill Dig2 2000
1999. Second site off Coxwell Road. Looking towards Westland Road.

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