Fernham Road

Faringdon Streets FernhamFernham Road turns off left from Coxwell Road, just past Highworth Road. Once upon a time the road to Fernham, Uffington and other villages below the White Horse, but now cut off by the bypass which opened in 1979. A road branches off to the left providing access to the Marlborough Gardens housing estate and connects with Park Road. The secondary school, leisure centre, and Coxwell Lodge Nursing Home are located further up the road.

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Views of Fernham Road

Coxwell Road Garage 1986
1986. Looking from the Coxwell Road, the Fernham Road turning can just been seen past The Eagle Motors Service Station on the corner. It was soon to be demolished.
Coxwell Rd Fernham Rd C1991
1991. The Fernham Road junction  turning looking back along Coxwell Road towards town. The service station on the corner is now new housing called Clock Tower Court.
Folly View Road 2020
2020. Going up Fernham Road is Folly View Road on the left, leading to Marlborough Gardens and Park Road.
Leamington Drive 2020
2020. Leamington Drive is the next turning on the left.
Fernham Road 1995
1995. Looking back down Fernham Road. The turning to Leamington Drive is on the right. Clock Tower Court can be seen at the end of the road.
Fernham Road School 1986
1986. Faringdon School, built in 1962/63 on a green-field site as Tollington Secondary Modern. It was right out of town at that time. Later called a community college.
Carters Crescent 2020
2020. Carters Crescent, a cul-de-sac on the right just past the first school entrance and opposite the school.
Fernham Road Liesure Centre 1995
1995. Faringdon Leisure Centre opened behind Faringdon School. Facilities at this time included an air conditioned gym, fitness studio, squash courts, and a large 6 court sports hall for a variety of racquet sports and ball games.
Fernham Road Swimming Pool 1998
1998. A new 25m indoor swimming pool with sauna and steam room was opened to the public in April 1998 as a part of the Leisure Centre behind Faringdon School.
Coxwell Lodge Nursing Home
Coxwell Lodge Nursing Home, a Grade II Listed Building, is situated up a long drive just at the second entrance to the secondary school and the leisure centre.
Tollington Court 2020
2020. Tollington Court, on the right opposite the second entrance to the school and leisure centre and Coxwell Lodge Drive.
Fernham Road End
Near the end of Fernham Road looking towards the fenced-off dead-end to traffic at the A420 bypass.
Fernham Gate 2020
2020. Fernham Gate a small housing estate on the left before the bypass. Recently built on the site of an old quarry.

Researched by Ian Lee, April 2020.

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