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Burtwell Drew Advert2 1960Coxwell St Dennys Advert 1915Coxwell Rd Eagle Advert 1984Coxwell St Antiques Advert 1989Coxwell Rd Hunt Advert 1903

The following shops and businesses were advertising as Coxwell Street or Coxwell Road, Faringdon in the years stated. They help provide some of the evidence used to compile the full history on the main page: Shops & Businesses in Coxwell Street

ANN MARIE, Hair Styling, Coxwell Street, FV 1972, #3
BALLARD & SON, blacksmiths & wheelwrights, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
BARNES THOMAS, shopkeeper, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
BOWLER THOMAS, shopkeeper & haulier, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
BRAIN THOMAS, Queen’s Arms and tailor, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
BURTWELL & DREW, Radio/TV/domestic apps, 19 Coxwell St., FV 1972/1973. FDS 1949/1952/1953 only (Coxwell St & 18a London St)/1966/1978. FCP 1953 (Coxwell St), #19
COOPER CHARLES, shoemaker, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
COX HENRY, shopkeeper, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
DANETREE, veterinary surgeons, 14 Coxwell Road, FF 2002. FCC 2006, #14
DENNYS H., agent for Morrell’s Trustees Lion Brewery Oxford, Orchard House Faringdon, FA 1914/1915/1916,
(#15 Coxwell Road has that name. However, #15 Coxwell Street, not there in 1999 and now called Crane House, is a listed company since 2008 as Urbanscale Limited, Jean Margaret McBain (Company Director), correspondence address: Orchard House, 15 Coxwell Street, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7EA – post code does match the address)
EAGLE SERVICE STATION,, Coxwell Road (corner of Fernham Rd), FDS 1984/1985/1987,
EATON PHILIP, cooper, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
FACE GEORGE, leather cutter, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
FARINGDON ANTIQUES ARCADE,, 14-18 Coxwell Street, FF 1989, #14-18
FARINGDON COTTAGE HOSPITAL, (J.P.Lockwood; H.D.Hey & C.Spackman – hon.med.officers; Miss Rosa S.Broughton matron), Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
GETAGRIP, hairdressers, 3 Coxwell Street, FCC 2006, #3
GOSLING JOSEPH, boot and shoemaker, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
HAZEL HENRY, farmer, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
HEATH JOHN, seedsman & florist, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
HUNT L. & CO, cycle & motors built on premises, Coxwell Road, FA 1903/1907,
KEANE THOMAS, blacksmith, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
KENT STEPHEN, coal dealer, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
KNAPP L.R. & CO, Thames Valley Iron Works Faringdon – farm implements, Yard behind Queens Arms #40, FA 1894,
LEWIS SAMUEL GEORGE, brewers’ agent, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
LONG LOUISA (MRS.), laundress, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
LONG SOLOMON, wheelwright, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
MILLS CHARLES, general dealer, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
MOORE N.B. CARS,, Eagle Service Station Coxwell Road (moved 1987 to Langhams Yard – rear of 20 Gloucester Street), FDS 1985,
PEYMAN GEORGE, tailor, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
PIANOFORTE, piano sales, Ivory House Faringdon, FF 2002, #40
PIANOFORTE, piano sales, 16 Coxwell Street, FCC 2006, #16
QUARRY ENGINEERING, Demolition/Plant hire/car repairs, Coxwell Street, FV 1972/1973, #5
QUEEN’S ARMS, fully licensed,, FCP 1953, #40
REASON ROSE EMMA (MISS), dress ma., Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
ROBBINS EDWARD, tailor, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
ROGERS RICHARD H., shopkeeper, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
SAFFRON INDIAN CUISINE,, Coxwell Street, FCC 2006, #14
SHEPPARD ELIZH. (MRS.), beer retailer, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
SIMS THOMAS, Queen’s Arms P.H., Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
SMITH JOHN, chimney sweeper, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
SMITH THOMAS, chimney sweeper, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
THE GARDENERS ARMS,, Coxwell Street, FCP 1953, #10
TILSLEY HENRY, jobbing gardener, Coxwell Road, KBD 1895,
VOGUE HAIR FASHIONS,, Coxwell Street, FDS 1964/1966/1970/1978 Stanford-in-the-Vale only, #3
WARMAN HENRY, gardener, Coxwell Road, DG 1863,
WARMAN JOSEPH, beer retailer, Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
WEBB GEORGE, Duke of York P.H., Coxwell Street, KBD 1895,
WEST STORES, confectioners/tobacconists/toys and general stores, 4 Coxwell Street, FCP 1953, #4
WESTALL WILLIAM, boot & shoemaker, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,
WESTSPORTS of FARINGDON, sports/camping,, FDS 1966, #16
WILLIS SOPHIA (MRS), baker & shopkeeper, Coxwell Street, DG 1863,

Media Key: FA = Faringdon Advertiser; FDS = Faringdon Dramatic Society; FV = Faringdon Venture; FF = Faringdon Folly; DG = Directory & Gazetteer of Oxon, Berks & Bucks (Dutton, Allen & Co. 1863); KBD = Kelly’s Berkshire Directory 1895; FCP = Faringdon Coronation Celebrations Programme 1953; FCC = Faringdon Chamber of Commerce 2006.

Knapp Advert 1894Coxwell St Moore Advert 1985Coxwell St Vogue Advert 1966Coxwell St Westsports Advert 1966Coxwell St West Advert 1953

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