Faringdon Horticultural Society

Horticultural Society 1936
1936 Horticultural Society at St Mary’s Priory.

The Faringdon Horticultural Society had a long history. In 1894 it was known by the title of the Faringdon Horticultural and Cottage Garden Society and was holding its annual Flower Show in the grounds of Faringdon House. For the amusement of the spectators there was also a tennis tournament, coconuts, bowling for a pig and illumination of the lake. The entrance fee was one shilling for an adult with children half price. Mr James Shirley, schoolteacher, was secretary of the society. in 1931 the society was known as the Faringdon and District Horticultural Improvement Society There must have been a break at one time as in 1982 the Horticultural Society was holding its 25th Annual Show at the Elms.

Extracted from: The Changing Faces of Faringdon and Surrounding Villages – Book 3 p58. By Rosemary Church, Jim Brown, Millie Bryan and Beryl Newman. Robert Boyd Publications 2003.

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