Renovations at 7 Market Place (1996)

Faringdon Market Place East2 1880s
1880s. Liddiard’s grocers is first on the left showing the open entrance to a cobbled passageway going through to Swan Lane.
Market Place 7 C1970
1970s. Note the door now fitted over the entrance to the earlier cobbled passageway.
Market Place 6 8 2001
2000s. The red door to the left of the shop is No.7, a private house. No.7a is the Tourist Information Centre at this time.

No. 7a Market Place had been a grocers & wholesale tobacconist owned by the Liddiard family since the 1880’s until around 1972 when it became a shop selling wool and clothes. During 1996 extensive renovations took place in order to turn it into a home for the Faringdon’s Tourist Information Centre. The TIC lasted for about 9 years and since then it has become many other things and is currently a coffee shop. Also in 1996, funding was raised and it was hoped that a part of this building could be purchased in order to create a local museum. Both the TIC and the museum are now located up the road at the Old Pump House, 5 Market Place.

Many discoveries were made during the renovations, not least an old cobbled passageway at the side of the shop going through to Swan Lane and the buildings used for the storage of goods and stabling of horses. Also, a hole was found in the floor to upstairs, from where it is said that old Liddiard could shout to his staff in the shop below. There is also evidence of a tunnel running from here towards Swan Lane and a suggestion that it is, in turn, connected to a large tunnel, which was discovered in the 1960s, running from the back of the Old Police Station in Coach Lane in the direction of the church.

Market Place 7a 1996
A cobbled street at the side of the shop with storage rooms on the right.
Market Place 7b 1996
A functioning pump was found at the side of the shop.
Market Place 7e 1996
Looking from the rear towards the Market Place along the cobbled street. The right hand wall with windows marks the boundary between properties.
Market Place 7f 1996
Looking towards the Market Place, the left hand side shows the door-ways into several storage areas.
Market Place 7d 1996
One of the storage rooms off the cobbled street.
Market Place 7c 1996
One of the storage rooms off the cobbled street showing a printing press and stamps.

An occupational history of this and other premises, as far as is known, can be found on the ‘Shops & Businesses in the Market Place‘ page. Also ‘George and Frank Liddiard, grocers at 7 & 21 Market Place‘. There is also a ‘Market Place Street Views‘ page that contains general information about the Market Place and may contain further details on the premises shown in the photographs, and a page specifically about ‘Faringdon Market‘.


The Faringdon Tunnels – A leaflet researched and written by Cllr. Rosalind Burns, on behalf of Faringdon Town Council can be downloaded from here: faringdontowncouncil.gov.uk/information/tunnels-leaflet-by-cllr-burns/

Researched by Ian Lee, July 2020.

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