Faringdon & District Cricket Club

Cricket TeamFaringdon & District Cricket Club is a friendly family focused cricket club. An ideal place for serious and social cricketers both young and old.

Photo (date unknown): Faringdon Cricketers at the County Ground, Swindon. Back – Robin Liddiard; John Bolter; Rollo Walker; Tim Weaving; Maurice Adams; Maurice Reed; Dick Burton. Front – Roly Maughan; Norman Wheeler, George Adams; Fred Bridges; Guy Woodin; ?? Blackmore.

The earliest record of the cricket club, on display at the new club house, is of a ‘Field Day on White Horse Hill’ dated Thursday 22th July 1847.  There is also a letter written in 1888 by the club secretary, Mr. A.G. Haines, to a Mr. H.J Godfrey, accepting his offer of the old cricket field at the annual rent of £12. The field included a shed that needed to be reserved for exclusive use by the club during the summer months. Location not stated.

In 1910 and probably earlier, the cricket club was off the end of Southampton Street about where Walker Drive is today, north of Volunteer Way. When the new housing estate was built the club had to move to a new location at the brand new Folly Sports Park, Stanford Road; opened in 2012 (photos below).

Folly Park Cricket Field 2020Folly Park Club House 2020

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