Shops & Businesses in London Street (adverts)

Advertisements in Local Media

The following shops and businesses were advertising as London Street, Faringdon in the years stated. Some of those listed here do not appear anywhere else as it has not yet been possible to locate their exact address. The rest provide some of the evidence used to compile the full history on the main page Shops & Businesses in London Street.:

ALLEN & HARRIS, 3 London Street, estate agents, FDS 1978. #3
ALLNATT A., milk, London St, FA 1931. #24
ANNE’S FASHION FABRICS, 13 London Street, home dressmaking, FDS 1978. #13
BAILEY BROS, furniture, drapery, shoes, pianos, etc FA 1936. #2
BEVAN C.H., hunting & livery boot maker, London St, FA 1895, 1897; became T.A.POCOCK FA 1902. #2
BELMONT HOUSE, London St, clothiers and hosiers, FA 1927.
BOOKER CLARK Financial Services, 8 London Street, FF 1990. #8
BOWLER S.G. (Builders) Ltd, 17 London St, FDS 1978. #17
BREATH OF SPRING, florist, 17 London St, FF 1991. (later moved to 4a Market Place) #17
BURTWELL & DREW, vacuum cleaners, radio, FDS 1953 only, both Coxwell St & 18a London St. #18a
CANDIES, sweets, treats, cards, 6a London Street, FF 1990. #6a
CHAMBERLAIN & SON, family grocer, FA 1893, CHAMBERLAIN’S FA 1931 #10
COOK W.H., chemist, London St, FA 1908.
COMLEY’S, London Street, House Furnishers, FDS 1949. #13-15
COUNTY DRY CLEANERS 4a London Street, FF 1989, 1991. #4a
CURTAINS PLUS, 3b London Street, FF 1989 #3b
DAVID PITT’S SUPERMARKET, 13-15 London St., Groceries, pens, watches, radios, FV 1972, 1973, later only at #13
DAVIS D.I.Y. Ltd., 13-17 London Street, FDS 1987, 1988, 1989. #13-17
FARINGDON CYCLE CENTRE, 17 London Street, FF 1989 #17
FARINGDON GALLERIES, 79 London Street, English furniture, FV 1972. #79
FARINGDON TRAVEL, 3 London Street, travel agent, FV 1973. #3
FLETCHER N.H., bakery, London St, FA 1937. #41
FRANK THAIR, London St, shoes, FDS 1952
GREENWOOD J.A., grocer FA 1926 #77
HIGNELL E., toy shop, London St, FA 1919, 1932, 1937. #20
HEALING J.E., London Street, furniture, ironmongery, contents to be sold by auction, FA 1908
HUXLEY W.S. cycle shop FA 1934, 1936. #3
HUXLEY’S OF FARINGDON, London Street, bicycles, toys, prams, FDS 1949, 1953. #3
IBSON SUPERSTORE, London Street, Watches, Paint, Food, Oil, FDS/FF 1973.
JOHN MAXWELL, Health & Beauty Studio, FDS 1987 (2 London St), 1988, 1989, 1993-94. #2
LANE C., ironmonger, London St. FA 1893.
LA CHAISE ANTIQUE, London Street, Furnishing fabrics, Blinds, FV 1972, 1973, FDS 1978. #30a
LONDON CENTRAL MEAT CO., London St, butchers, FA 1907.
LOVERIDGE T.P., chemist, London St, FA 1891, 1893, 1894.
LUKER & Co, stationers, Advertiser Office, London St, Faringdon, FA 1887, 1891, 1893, 1897, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1907, 1908, 1909 (C.Luker & Co), 1914, 1915, 1916, 1919, 1925, 1931. #4
MILWARD D.H., shoes, (late OBOURN), London St, FA 1931, 1932. #21 or 2?
MING’S GARDEN, 28 London St, Chinese food, FV 1972. #28
MOYNES E.J., ironmongers, FA 1937. #13-15 ?
MOYNES, London St, hardware, C.G. Poynter & G.W. Trembling, FV 1972, 1973. #6
MOYNES E.J., London Street, general ironmongers, FDS 1949, 1978.
MOYNES E.J., 6 London Street, general ironmongers, FDS 1984, 1985, 1987, 10 Marlborough St 1988. #6
OBOURN I.V., ladies and gents hairdresser, FA 1937. FDS 1949 London Street. #2 or 21?
OLIVER J.L., boots & shoes, London St, FA 1903, 1904.
OWEN R.J., London St, Pharmacy & dentist, FA 1914, 1915 (photographer), 1916.
PETER DOMINIC, 10 London Street, Wines, Spirits and Beers, FDS 1984, 1985, 1987. #10
POCOCK T.A. (late C.H.Bevan), boot stores, FA 1902, 1903. #2
REASON WALTER, coal & coke merchant, London St, FA 1904.
RIGDEN’S STORES, cycles, prams, toys, London St, FA 1931, 1932. #3
ROGERS JOHN, cycles, London St, FA 1919, 1925, 1926. #3
SHARLAND J.E., London Street, Fruit and Potato Merchant, FDS 1949.
SHEFFORDS, 9 London Street, bakery, since 1933, FDS 1984, 1985, 1987. #9
SHELTON S., boot & shoe warehouse, London St, FA 1893, 1902, 1907, 1909, 1915.
SIMS J & L., London Street, Footware & repairs, FDS 1966, 1970, FV 1972, 1973. #2
STAR ELECTRIC CO. (F.T.MORTON), 3 London Street, Electrical Installations & Repairs, toys & cycles, FDS 1966. #3
STEVENS, boots stores, London St, FA 1904, 1907, 1909. #2 (?)
THAIR Frank, shoes, FDS 1952. #2 (?)
THE GIFTED MAGPIE, 6 London Street, FDS 2017-2019. #6
THOMAS PERCY, furniture, London St, FA 1937. #13-15
WALTERS W.D., high class dentistry, at Owen’s Pharmacy, London St, FA 1914, 1915, 1916.
WOOD F.B., 4 London St, Bookseller, stationer, newsagent, FV 1972 #4, FDS 1983-87 #4a
WOODWARD A.L., boot repairer and dealer, London St, FA 1940, 1941, 1949, FDS 1949
YATES T. & Son. cycles, toys, gramophones, London St, FA 1914 (moved from Southampton St). #3
YOUNG R., 28a London Street, Gent’s hairdresser FV 1972. #28a

Media Key: FA = Faringdon Advertiser; FDS = Faringdon Dramatic Society; FV = Faringdon Venture; FF = Faringdon Folly; DG = Directory & Gazetteer of Oxon, Berks & Bucks (Dutton, Allen & Co. 1863)

London St Allnatt Advert 1931London St Bailey Advert 1936London St Booker Advert 1990London St Breath Advert 1991London St Candies Advert 1990London St Belmont Advert 1927London St Bevan Advert 1895London St Bevan Advert 1897London St Chamberlain Advert 1893London St Chamberlain Advert 1931London St County Advert 1991London St Curtains Plus Advert 1989London St Davis Advert 1988London St Cycle Advert 1989London St Fletcher Advert 1937London St Greenwood Advert 1926London St Healing Advert 1908London St Hignell Advert 1919London St Huxley Advert 1934London St Lane Advert 1893London St London Meat Advert 1907London St Loveridge Advert 1891London St Luker Advert 1891London St Luker Advert 2 1891London St Luker Advert 3 1891London St Luker Advert 1914London St Maxwell Advert 1988London St Milward Advert 1932London St Moynes Advert 1937London St Norfolk Advert 1902London St Obourn Advert 1937London St Oliver Advert 1904London St Owen Advert 1914London St Pocock Advert 1902London St Reason Advert 1904London St Rigden Advert 1931London St Rogers Advert 1925London St Shelton Advert 1902London St Stevens Advert 1904London St Sudbury Advert 1991London St Thomas Advert 1937London St Yates Advert 1914

The following traders were listed in the Directory & Gazetteer of Oxon, Berks & Bucks (Dutton, Allen & Co. 1863):

Abel Emanuel, watch & clock maker, London Street
Anns John, gun and pistol maker, ironmonger, and brazier, London Street
Ashley Charles, (leather?) currier, London Street
Beesley Mary (Mrs), berlin and fancy repository, London Street
Bond William, boot and shoemaker, London Street
Carter David, grocer, London Street
Chamberlain Thomas, grocer, London Street
Cripps John, George, London Street
Davis John, boot and shoemaker, London Street
Deacon Charles Robert, saddler and harness maker, London Street
Deacon Joseph, Wheat Sheaf Commercial Inn, London Street
Forty John, Royal Oak, London Street
Godfrey Dennis, marble & stonemason, London Street
Haines George James, solicitor, clerk to board of guardians, clerk to commissioners of taxes, treasurer to Fyfield and Faringdon turnpike trust, actuary of Savings bank, perpetual commissioner, commissioner to administer oaths, and agent to County fire and Provident life assurance, London Street
Heavens George, boot & shoemaker, London Street
Heavens Thomas, Star & shopkeeper, London Street
Heavens William, beer retailer, London Street
Hedges Charles,” tailor, woollen draper, and mercer”, London Street
Hedges Henry James, tailor, London Street
Hedges Misses, berlin and fancy repository, London Street
Howell Mr, academy, London Street
Howard and Roberts, milliners, London Street
James Sarah (Mrs), farmer, London Street
Jefferies Henry, dairyman, London Street
Jefferies James, poulterer & fishmonger, London Street
Joyner Henry, boarding & day school, London Road
Judd George, boot and shoemaker, London Street
Kerley Noah, carpenter, London Street
Luker Charles, printer, bookseller, stationer, and publisher of The Faringdon Advertiser, London Street
Luker Jane (Mrs), plumber, painter, and glazier, London Street
Luker John, builder, London Street
Mantell George Houlston, surgeon, London Street
Mulcock Ann (Miss), straw bonnet maker, London Street
Mulcock Chas, boot and shoemaker, London Street
Newman William, bacon curer, London Street
Phythian Robert, veterinary surgeon, London Street
Pigott John, shoemaker, London Street
Reason Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, London Street
Smith Caroline (Mrs), Folly House, London Street
Spencer Elizabeth Martha, boot & shoemaker, London Street
Stacy Ann (Mrs), provision dealer, London Street
Wells Jas., saddler & harness maker, London Street
White Maria Jane (Miss), milliner, London Street
Williams Henry, grocer and dealer in British wines, London Street
Williams Joel, tailor, London Street
Williams William, cabinet maker, London Street

Researched by Ian Lee, December 2020.

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