Lechlade Road

Faringdon Streets LechladeThe Lechlade Road,  one of the roads that made Faringdon the important five-way road junction of the past, starts at the roundabout along Gloucester Street and Gravel Walk. Gloucester Street and Lechlade Road form part of the A417, an ancient trade route from Reading on the River Thames via Wantage and Faringdon to Lechlade, Cirencester and Gloucester.

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Views of Lechlade Road in the 1900s

Lechlade Road 19821982. Lechlade Road at junction with Gravel Walk (left) and Gloucester Street (behind). Aunties Emporium at #1, then private houses, followed by the Duke of Wellington public house (closed 2012), Enterprise Garage (BP sign, demolished 1988) then Faringdon Infant School on the corner of Canada Lane.

Lechlade Road 19951995. The other side of Lechlade Road. Gloucester Street is to the right and Gravel Walk is behind. The building opposite the roundabout is #2 Renaissance Hair & Beauty Salon, which was RAC Electrical in 1973. The entrance to #4 the Quaker Chapel is to the left of it.

Lechlade Road2 19821982. Lechlade Road looking back towards the junction with Gloucester Street and Gravel Walk. On left is the entrance to the Quaker Chapel at #4. The large showroom window on the right at #1 was originally the site of Arthur E. Baker & Sons (est. 1907 – to at least 1973), builders & decorators, blacksmiths, wheelwright, funeral directors, monumental masons, and private chapel of rest. The last blacksmith was Cecil Drew and the last mason was Ken Baker. It became a car showroom, then a pine furniture shop and finally an antique centre, Auntie’s Emporium. The next house is the Llott family home, previously a small sweet shop run by Mrs. Hunt and followed by her daughter Mrs Llott. The Duke of Wellington pub is off photo to the right. A business advertising fertilizers for sale and owned by W. Indge was somewhere here in 1919.

Duke Of Wellington
On the left side of the Lechlade Road, The Duke of Wellington, near the beginning of the road and before the infants school. Closed 2012 and now a private house.
Lechlade Road3 1988
1988. Building on the site of the Enterprise Garage to the right of the Duke of Wellington pub.
Lechlade Rd Quaker Chapel 2000
2000. On the other side of the road is the Friends meeting house or Quaker Chapel at #4 Lechlade Road.
Lechlade Road5 1982
1982. Cottages opposite Duke of Wellington just beyond Quaker Meeting House, looking away from town.
Lechlade Road 1910
c1910. Lechlade Road looking back towards the junction with Gloucester Street and Gravel Walk. Duke of Wellington on the right. Blind Alley is between the house and the hedge. The white roof is a carpenter’s workshop with saw pit inside and the black building is blacksmith’s shop – both demolished – now Aunties Emporium.
Lechlade Road3 1982
1982. Further up and looking back, the big tree is in the infant school grounds. Just past Canada Lane, which turns off to the right, is the Enterprise Garage (BP sign), just in front of the Duke of Wellington pub (tall building). The garage was demolished in 1988.
Lechlade Road4 1953
1953 Built in 1872, the British School, which at this time had become Faringdon Primary School on the right, looking back towards the junction with Gloucester Street and Gravel Walk. The small pointed roof on left is the Quaker Meeting House.
Lechlade Road Up 1953
1953. Further out of town, having risen steadily up the valley from the river at Lechlade the road climbs steeply on entry into Faringdon. Behind the wall on the left are fields belonging to Faringdon House. Garden allotments are on the right.

Two miles down the Lechlade Road there is a turning on the right to a small village on the banks of the River Thames called Eaton Hastings. A mile further, on the left is the entrance to Buscot Park, which is now owned by the National Trust. Another half mile, and on the right is the turning to Buscot village and Buscot Lock. These places were the subjects of an article in the Faringdon Advertiser 17th August 1962. Further on you cross St.John’s Bridge and arrive at the ancient riverside town of Lechlade.

Trade Adverts in Local Media

The following shops and businesses were advertising as Lechlade Road, Faringdon in the years stated:

BAKER ARTHUR E., carpenter, wheelwright, undertaker, Lechlade Rd, est. 1907, FA 1914, 1915, FV 1972, 1973, FDS 1987, 1988, 1989 (Robert Baker), now Aunties Emporium. #1
DUKE OF WELLINGTON, Lechlade Road, FDS 1988, 1989
ENTERPRISE GARAGE, R.A. Price, Lechlade Road, cars, service, FA 1931, FV 1972, 1973.
INDGE W., Lechlade Rd, fertilizers, FA 1919.
RAC Electrical, 2 Lechlade Road, electrical retailers, FV 1973. #2

Media Key: FA = Faringdon Advertiser; FDS = Faringdon Dramatic Society; FV = Faringdon Venture; FF = Faringdon Folly

Lechlade Rd Baker Advert 1914Lechlade Rd Duke Wellington Advert 1988Lechlade Rd Enterprise Advert 1931Lechlade Rd Indge Advert 1919


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