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A historical record of shops and other businesses in Gloucester Street. There are just a few shops and other businesses on this street. Some have closed down permanently at some time and have subsequently been converted into private houses.

Gloucester Street heads west from the town centre of Faringdon. It was once the main road to Gloucester via Lechlade. There are few business premises now on this street and what there was have mostly been converted to private housing or flats.

The photographs below were taken in the year 2000 by a group of local residents. Beneath each one is a simple historical list of known occupants up to the present time and the rough dates they were last known to be at the property. The number given for each property corresponds as accurately as possible to the postal address and is shown on the map.

Gloucester Street in 2000 – odd numbers – east to west away from the Corn Market:

Gloucester Street01
#1. Back of Corn Exchange – Faringdon Savings Bank 1863, Masonic Meeting Place 1878, Council Offices, Tourist Information c2005+?, Faringdon Newspapers Ltd. to 2020.
Gloucester Street03
#3. Private House. On the left was the entrance to G. Roberts Ltd Farm Supplies, c1983. Now a cul-de-sac called Gloucester Mews.
Gloucester Street05
#5. Private House.
Gloucester Street07
#7. Hughes (grocers & sweets); Private House.
Gloucester Street09
#9. Faringdon Pottery Shop 1978; Private House.
Gloucester Street19
#19. (formally 17) Romney House formally a private school ‘Redcaps’.
Gloucester Street19a
#19a. Private House formally part of Romney House.
Gloucester Street61
#61. Methodist Chapel, built 1837; Masonic Hall 1921.

Gloucester Street in 2000 – even numbers – west to east towards the Corn Market:

Gloucester Street#56
#56. Thomas Hicks (bakers & grocers) 1953; Tangles Hair Studio. The shop that was attached on the left was removed and building re-roofed to create private house and flats in 1988.
Gloucester Street38 36
#38-36. Private Houses
Gloucester Street34 32
#34-32. Private Houses
Gloucester Street#30
#30. Price’s motor cycle showroom; Enterprise Garage; Focus Video Library 1987 – new build as shown here; Elms Veterinary Surgery 2000 – later rebuilt again taller. (Faringdon Junior School behind old wall of plot #28 on right.)
Gloucester Street 28 2018
#28. Derelict site; Magpies Emporium (house clearance & salvage) built 1987 (moved to railway station 1991); New three-storey building (flats?) 2010s. (Gate to Faringdon Junior School on the right.)
Gloucester Street#26
#26. Oakley House. Home of Mr Liles the piano tuner; Elisabeth (Ladies’ Hairdresser) ? 1953; Eileen Gibbs (Ladies Hairstylist) 1972; John Maxwell (hairdressers) 1985-87; Private House.
Gloucester Street#24
#24. The Elms – Private House built early to mid 1700’s; Ladies’ School (fee paying school for girls age 9+) 1895; County School for Girls 1920; County Grammar School for Girls 1944; Comprehensive School 1974; 4 private flats with Junior School in buildings behind 1986.
Gloucester Street#22
Formally part of The Elms school; now Faringdon Library since 1986. The road to the right leads to the small town park and a second town car-park that was created in 1989.
Gloucester Street#20a
#22. Elmside – J & E Nichol (wedding receptions & parties) 1972; Elsie Nichol & Sue Allen 1984-87; totally rebuilt as private flats in 1989.
Gloucester Street#20
#20. Langham’s (greengrocer); Seebic & Co (estate agents later renamed Christopher Bice) 1985-2019; J. Godfrey & Son Funeral Services 2019 + Dennis Cox Architect 2023.
At the rear: Langham’s Yard; N.B. Moore Cars 1987 (moved to Park Rd 1990); now Carey Court – private houses.
Gloucester Street#18
#18. Private house
Gloucester Street16
#16. Private house
Gloucester Street14
#14. Private house
Gloucester Street10 12
#12-10. F.W.Porter’s (Corn & Seed Store) 1891-1919+; R.Langford’s 1931-1995; Langford House (private flats) 1995.
Gloucester Street08
#8?. Gloucester House – Cistercian monks who had a priory on this site; possibly later a farmhouse. #8. at rear – Kerr (dentist) then P.G.Walker & Associates (dentist)
Gloucester Street#04
#6-4 Site of old farm cottages and barns; Rialto Cinema built 1935; Regent Cinema 1948-69, a bingo hall from 1969-81. Demolished 1984 to build Regent Mews. Now 3 private houses marked 6, 4a & 4.
Gloucester Street#02
#2. The Volunteer Inn built mid 1700’s, closed 2018. Vacant 2019-21

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