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Advertisements in Local Media

The following shops and businesses were advertising as Marlborough Street, Faringdon in the years stated. Some of those listed here do not appear anywhere else as it has not yet been possible to locate their exact address. The rest provide some of the evidence used to compile the full history on the main page Shops & Businesses in Marlborough Street:

ARCHER J., lessons in violins, singing etc, Marlborough St, FA 1891, 1894.
AUTO (COMMISSION) SALES, 35 Marlborough Street, Car & Light commercial sales, FV 1972. #35
BEAVIS E.T. Ltd., 28 & 30 Marlborough St., Knitting Nylon & Wools, Sewing Machines, FDS 1966, 1970 (at 30 only), FCP 1953.
BELCHER & CO, grocers, and wine and spirit merchants, Marlborough Street. DG 1863; FA 1893.
BISHOP M.A.C., 30 Marlborough Street, Watchmaker FV 1972, 1973. #30
CARTER J. & SON, tea merchants, Bicester House, Marlborough St, FA 1891, 1926. #3
CARTER & SONS, Marlborough St, grocer & butcher FA 1936, 1937, FV 1972, 1973, FDS 1966, 1978, 1984, 1985, 1987. #3
CARTER C.J., Marlborough St, seeds, FA 1936.
CARTERS prop. T & K Hogan, cakes, Market Square (??), FA 1937. #5?
CLARK W., furniture, glass, china, Marlborough St, FA 1891, 1897.
DREW’S, Marlborough St, butcher & fishmonger, FDS 1952, FCP 1953. #18-20
DUNN GEO. E., optician at Mr Lynn’s dental surgery, FA 1919
FARINGDON FRUIT & VEG, 4 Marlborough Street, FDS 1984 (Prop: Paul Hutton), 1985 (Prop: Alastair Wood), 1987 (Prop: Alec Stone). #4
FARINGDON GARAGE (D.J.Fish), Marlborough St, accessories, petrol, oil and tyres, FDS 1949, 1952, Peugeot 1989. FV 1972, 1973. #34
GIBBS R.F., Marlborough Street, previously Manners, groceries & provisions, FDS 1972, FV 1972. #23
GOULDING E.S. 1894. GOULDING Miss, Marlborough St, agent for Witney Steam Laundry, FA 1908, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1919 , 1936 (Oxford House #6). GOULDING & CO, drapers, Marlborough St., FA 1916, 1931, FDS 1952, FCP 1953. #6
JEMMARJ, 28 Marlborough St, gifts, cards, FDS 1984. #28
LANE & HAWKES, furniture removal & storage, Marlborough St (& Station Yard), FA 1903. #10?
LANE BROS, agricultural implements etc, furniture, carpets etc, FA 1903. #10?
LANE F.1914, 1918. FRANK LANE Marlborough St, 1919 cycles, cars, tractors. FA 1933, FRANK LANE & CO, FDS 1952, 1953, FCP 1953. #10
LARKIN J.P. (Electrical) Ltd., 8 Marlborough St, FDS 1984. #8
LEVERTON E., drapery & boot & shoe, Marlborough St, FA 1916, 1918, 1919. #8
LINDSAY D.P., Animal and Pet Foods, FDS 1987 #23?
LONG W., picture frames, art etc, Marlborough St, FA 1903. #23
LOOKER A.E., hairdresser & umbrella maker, Marlborough St, FA 1904.
LYNN L.E. Mr, dentist, at Mrs Fox’s opposite Post Office, Marlborough St, FA 1915, 1916, 1918, 1919. #2?
MANNERS C & V., Marlborough Street, Groceries, Provisions (became R.F.Gibbs Oct 1972), FDS 1966, 1970-72, FV 1972. #23
MARLBOROUGH HOUSE SCHOOL, girls, principal Miss Dawson F.S.Sc. Private lessons in music, singing, drawing, etc. Day pupils can dine if so required. FA 1893. #2. Bromsgrove (front on Marlborough St).
MOYNES E.J., general ironmongers, 10 Marlborough St (from 6 London Street), FDS 1988, 1989, 1987-91. #10
NECESSITIES, 35 Marlborough St, government surplus & office equipment supplies, FDS 1982 #35
PADDON A., Marlborough St, The Only Shop with the Worn-out Doorstep, FDS 1949, 1952, 1953, FCP 1953. #23
REFLECTIONS, 8 Marlborough Street, FDS 1997-2002. #8
RUSSELL SPINAGE LTD, painters & decorators, building contractors, Marlborough House 2 Bromsgrove FF 1992, 1993.
SHEPPARD JOSEPH, junr, carpenter & undertaker, Marlborough St., FA 1904.
SOUTH BAR BROKERS, INSURANCE AND PENSION SERVICES, 11 Marlborough Street, FDS 1978, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989. FF 1989 (says moved to F in 1975), 1991, 1992 #11
THE FARINGDON CARVERY, 6 Marlborough Street, FF1989. #6
THE VALE IRONMONGERS, Marlborough Street, Ironmongers, hardware, DIY, garden, FDS 1966, 1970, FV 1972, 1973. #10

Media Key: FA = Faringdon Advertiser; FDS = Faringdon Dramatic Society; FV = Faringdon Venture; FF = Faringdon Folly; DG = Directory & Gazetteer of Oxon, Berks & Bucks (Dutton, Allen & Co. 1863)

Marlborough St Archer Advert 1891Marlborough St Belcher Advert 1893Marlborough St Carter Advert 1891Marlborough St Carter Advert 1936Marlborough St Clark Advert 1891Marlborough St Goulding Advert 1914Marlborough St Goulding Advert 1931Marlborough St Lane Hawkes Advert 1907Marlborough St Lane Advert 1902Marlborough St Lane Advert 1904Marlborough St Lane Advert 1903Marlborough St Lane Advert 1914Marlborough St Leverton Advert 1919Marlborough St Long Advert 1903Marlborough St Looker Advert 1904Marlborough St Lynn Advert 1919Marlborough St School Advert 1893Marlborough St Moynes Advert 1988Marlborough St Spinage Advert 1992Marlborough St Sheppard Advert 1904Marlborough St Southbar Advert 1988Marlborough St Carvery Advert 1989

The following traders were listed in the Directory & Gazetteer of Oxon, Berks & Bucks (Dutton, Allen & Co. 1863):

Belcher and Co,” grocers, and wine and spirit merchants”, Marlborough Street
Blick James,” upholsterer, cabinet maker, and paper hanger”, Marlborough Street
Box Jane (Miss), milliner and dressmaker, Marlborough Street
Carter John, baker and corn dealer, Marlborough Street
Carter John jun., grocer and provision factor, Marlborough Street
Clayden Samuel,” furnishing ironmonger, and china and glass warehouse”, Marlborough Street
Clements Daniel, chimney sweeper, Marlborough Street
Cooper Isaac, boot and shoemaker, Marlborough Street
Fawkes Thomas,” plumber, glazier, and painter”, Marlborough Street
Gerring Charles, Red Lion Commercial Inn, Marlborough Street
Green Charles, carpenter and builder, Marlborough Street
Lavington William R., basket maker, Marlborough Street
Morgan Thomas, tailor, Marlborough Street
Morse James, cheese factor, Marlborough Street
Morse William, shopkeeper, Marlborough Street
Newman James, blacksmith, Marlborough Street
Reynolds James,” draper, mercer, and hosier”, Marlborough Street
Scarcebrook William, coach builder, Marlborough Street
Smith Jeremiah,” printer, bookseller, stationer, publisher of The Faringdon Free Press, inventor and manufacturer of the patent adhesive envelope, and patent tracing cloth”, Marlborough Street
Wheeler James, builder & mason, Marlborough Street

Researched by Ian Lee, December 2020.

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