Coach Lane

Faringdon Streets CoachlaneCoach Lane is a narrow road that connects the upper end of London Street to the upper end of Church Street where it meets Church Path. It gets a lot of use for access from the Radcot Road when the town centre has to be closed for festivities.

See Faringdon Streets for an indexed list of all streets in Faringdon.

Views of Coach Lane

Coach Lane North 1982
1982. Coach Lane looking north towards the end of Church Street.
Coach Lane Graveyard 1982
1982. Coach Lane Cemetery on the right-hand side of the road.
Coach Lane Cemetery 2021
2021. Coach Lane Cemetery with new gates.
Police Station 1 1952
1952. The old Police Station on Coach Lane, still in use at this time.
Coach Lane Old Police Station
The Old Police Station converted to private houses in the early 1970’s.
Coach Lane South 1982
1982. Coach Lane looking south towards London Street.

Researched by Ian Lee, March 2020.